International Shipping

The Quiltworx Boxes have already been priced to include average shipping costs to United States addresses. However, International Shipping is significantly more. To discount each box shipment by the amount already included, we have opted to give International participants a shipping surcharge that will only cover the average balance. Please understand that to make pricing simple for all of us, we have selected a price that balances out the average weight of each of the boxes throughout the year, along with the shipping prices for various locations. We will be shipping via USPS Priority Mail International. This will ensure that we have proper tracking and that the packages get to you in a timely manner, along with parcel insurance to help cover lost packages. Each individual box may cost more or less for us to ship than this fee, depending on that box's weight and destination for each given shipment. However, a set surcharge makes it easy for all of us to manage the payments in a subscription box scenario. With an average retail discount on the boxes of $98.75, even with the International shipping surcharge, the boxes are well under retail pricing. We are excited to have our International fans join us in this endeavor as well!