Refund Policy

Please understand that in order to make the Subscription Boxes successful, Quiltworx must place its orders for product many months in advance. This means we need to have good planning numbers, which are based on sign-ups for the box. With this in mind, all Quiltworx Box payments made are non-refundable, and the Quarterly deposit on each box is a commitment to purchase. Finally billing will take place at the dates noted in the quarterly box description.

If you are unsure at this time, whether a commitment to pay the box price is right for you but you still want to participate in Judy’s video workshops, please consider simply purchasing the patterns from our retail store, at your convenience, at These purchases will not include all the extras in the Quiltworx Boxes, but will still allow you to join in on the quilt making fun! The large project, Tuscan Sunset, while exclusive to the box, will be available on the website until it is gone as a stand-alone pattern as well.

Thank you for understanding and we hope you can join us in the way that fits you best in 2024!